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I want to order some tshirts to try, but I’m talking myself in circles.

What if I like them? - I will have to throw out some old ones and I can’t make decisions.

What if I THINK I like them but wind up hating them later?

What if I choose ugly ones because let’s face it I have no taste in clothes whatsoever?

What if I DON’T buy them and wish I had after all?

Need some encouragement. Please?

  1. cheerssugarplum said: You should try to buy some!!! You don’t have to buy a lot all at once!! Just two, maybe? And you don’t have to throw any old ones away, there’s always more space to find, haha! I liked the ‘match the colour with your nailpolish’ suggestion!! :) <3
  2. justbeingjess answered: Please buy them!
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