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A hidden bonus

Today, while re-reading my sentence diagram book for the umpteenth time, I felt unexpectedly appreciative of my autism.

I study things until I know them inside out, and I don’t feel satisfied until I do. I can be slower to absorb things, but as I learn, I see so many patterns and inteconnections, and in the end, I think I find knowledge extra satisfying and beautiful.

I enjoy that feeling. I enjoy appreciating knowledge because it takes such effort to acquire and process. I enjoy the way I have learned to use my brain and process data it is not well-equipped to handle.

And I feel proud that I have found a way to function so well, especially since it is a constant and enormous effort that no one sees.

I am proud of it and I like it.


  1. selahserenity said: Have you seen the show “Touch”? For some reason, this post just reminded me of it :-)
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